Upakar Masala Tea is inspired by the perfect fusion of tradition and vibrancy of modern words. A lively blend of the finest teas combined with rich and warming spices creates an authentic cup of Masala Chai. This blend gives a true, bold, and reviving flavor. Upakar Master Blenders traveled the whole nation in search of the rarest, finest, and most exciting teas. That’s how they came upon Upakar Mixed Masala Tea- a perfect combination of black tea and mixed spices. The tastes of black pepper, cardamom, cassia leaf, dry ginger, cassia, nutmeg, clove, and black cardamom are a whole lot of treat to your mouth. Savior the flavor with your family and enjoy the moment. 


Rich and golden, this premium blend conveys a strong, full-bodied brew. Upakar Hot Tea is a fine grade of black tea that delivers a smooth taste. This tea has been made to preserve our original and classic taste of tea. Enjoy the complete luxury of morning breakfast and afternoon rest with Upakar Hot Tea. The fresh aroma keeps your mood refreshed. Upakar Hot Tea pioneered the packet of revolutionary tea in Nepal bringing the fresh teas from the garden directly to consumers in poly packs. Satisfy your tea cravings with the finest classic brew. 


Our original hot tea bags are designed for an authentic cup of tea. Discover a delicious blend of strong, premium, and full-bodied black tea in each cup. Upakar Hot Tea Bags is a refreshment to your mind and soul. Each tea bag is packed with the right amount of tea leaves and additional flavors. A bold and rich blend of hot tea in a convenient tea bag is packed well to preserve the freshness. It is a great option for an instant single cup of tea. The bags are packed for our prestigious clients at very fair rates. Use these tea bags until you are tired of having more tea- and that isn’t happening soon. Each bag of Upakar Hot Tea reflects your class and respect. It is a great choice for family & friends gathering. Embark your tea adventure as the cup of tea takes your imagination somewhere new.


Enjoy yourself or other people special to you with our gorgeous collection of Bidhata Hot Tea. Each sip of Bidhata hot tea makes you feel special every- time. Bidhata Hot Tea is the premium offering for your special mood. It is the superior variant from Upakar that falls on the ‘Aroma’ platform. A perfect blend between strength and aroma makes Bidhata Hot Tea perfect for your special occasions. We’ve used our years of tea blending experience to perfectly mix the CTC granules with a gently- rolled longer leaves. It’s a treat to your mouth.  Each sip is as divine as the last one.