Enjoy the essence in every Popcorn

Made in Nepal, Happy Hour Popcorn comes in various flavours like Chocolate Popcorn, Classic Butter Popcorn, Cheese Popcorn and Spicy Popcorn.

Non-genetically modified seed, air cleaned, gravity separated, free from foreign matter, free from weevils, breakage less than 1/2%, current expansion ratio is 38/40.

Sharing the mission of spreading Joy and Dismissing boredom! We turned plain and ordinary popcorn into a spiritual antidote rich with the twin power of taste and health, bringing you unprecedented of happiness the very moment kernels touch the tongue!


1.  No preservatives, no trans fats, and no artificial condiments.

2. 100% of corn kernels featured with low sugar, low fat, and high fiber. Natural and healthy.

3. Popped with natural vegetable oil and sea salt, presenting as round, planet shaped popcorn.

4. Specially selected gourmet powder made from natural food ingredients without artificial color, suitable for vegetarians.

5. Use of special packaging technology to ensure freshness.


Chocolate Coating

Selected fine quality dark chocolate block is melted and coated thoroughly on the crunchy popcorn – slightly sweet with a touch of bitter, giving you supreme enjoyment.

Classic Popcorn

The less flavored, well settled popcorn with salt. Sweet and mild salty taste helps to bring out the original taste of popcorn. The original sweetness, giving you and incomparable simplicity.

Spicy Popcorn

Fiery Hot and Spicy Chili has always been the craze for spice lovers across the world. This is sure to pump up your spirit and get you super excited.