Made in Nepal, Everfun chocolate is produced with the use of the world’s best raw materials. Milk powder is imported from European countries; while cocoa is brought from Ghana and Indonesia.

Moreover, Everfun Chocolates have very high cocoa butter content and are ideal for things including molding, coating, and dipping. So, working day and night, our R&D team is committed to manufacturing choices products promoting a good and healthy lifestyle.

Wherever possible we use all local and organic produce as we believe it is better for our health, the flavour of food and the environment.


Everfun Milk Chocolate is delicious, milk chocolatey tablet available in 7.3g, 15g and 32g in the Nepalese market, making it an ideal sweet treat. The all new Everfun Milk Chocolate comes with a rich indulgent taste. The product has and proceeds to be delighted by both young and old, across the country.


Treat yourself to the exquisite taste of the Everfun Milk Bar Chocolate. The much preferred Everfun Milk Bar Chocolate blended and moulded into perfect sized bars that bring you the creamy essence of white chocolate. Everfun Milk Bar offers a mouth-watering taste for the consumers.